Take a quick look and view the latest Royal Mail International Economy postage rates for 2019. This service is ideal for heavier items where speed isn’t a priority. Effective 25th March 2019.

Royal Mail International Economy – Letters Not Exceeding 100g

Weight up to and including Prices
10g £1.20
20g £1.20
100g £1.50

Letters may be sent by Economy outside Europe only.

Royal Mail International Economy – Large Letters

Weight up to and including Prices
100g £2.75
250g £3.95
500g £4.55
750g £5.45

Royal Mail International Economy – Small Parcels & Printed Pages

Weight up to and including Prices
100g £4.25
250g £4.55
500g £6.55
750g £7.65
1KG £8.85
1.25KG £9.80
1.5KG £10.85
1.75KG £11.65
2KG £12.05
Printed Papers only
Each additional 250g or part thereof up to 5kg add £1.15

Prices are exempt from VAT for EU destinations and Zero Rated for all other destinations. Includes compensation up to £20.

*Only books up to 5kg can be sent to the Republic of Ireland.

Maximum weight for Printed Papers is 2kg to Canada and Cambodia.

For specifications and further information regarding what can be sent visit royalmail.com/international

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